My gift to NACIS attendees in 2022 is a postcard size map. It's focused on and around the Milwaukee Road Train Depot in Minneapolis, where the conference is being held. Shout out to a good friend, Alister Fenix who helped with edits and inspiration 😉

Version 2 of the map is now available for print, along with an >article exploring my process with links to sources.

It's really interesting to have made the map first and then visit the place physically and walk some of these paths, matching it with the mental picture I had formed. Version 2 of the map includes some corrections that came out of that. There isn't much rail infrastructure left in downtown Minneapolis! Times change. But having the map helped me anticipate and tune into lingering signs and hints of what was before. I really love doing this. Please, let me know what you find or think or want me to know about all of this. Contact me anytime.

-- Tim

  • Map - free to share, not for commercial use
  • Article
  • Interactive Map [work in progress]