Hi I'm Tim Welch. I craft technology solutions and create value for clients around the world. Web apps, design, mapping, data visualization, APIs, and sensors are just a few of the tools of the trade. I work across disciplines and industries, thriving in the space where people and technology collide. I connect the dots and I can do it for you.

Do you need help on a project or product? Looking for ideas, collaborators, mentorship? Let's talk!

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I'm a member of the Mapbox Developer Network, plugging you into the evolving Mapbox landscape and advocating on your behalf to solve problems and deliver value quickly.

Some of the experiences I've helped craft...

  • Run in smart lighting devices in cities around the world
  • Crowdsourced policy change for bike and pedestrian safety
  • Power store locators for multi-national companies with millions of customers
  • Assess the performance of coral reefs across 9 Eastern Caribbean countries
  • Let visitors interact with your brand when they visit your space
  • Scale up global geographic search of scholarly articles
  • Expose the land moving underneath our feet
  • Support stakeholders in place-based decision making anywhere in the world
  • Combine language translation and mapping for creating location-based apps with global reach

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